Asc I-Force 1600 - Voice, Alert, Attack - La Porte, In

Published on Sept. 2, 2017
Channel: Sirendude1003
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

I was originally planning to go to Lowell in Newton County with Sam, but he ended up being unable to go, so I decided I'd go to this, and I'm glad I did! If you listen, you can hear a very nearby T-128 turn on, then shut off right after, which I think was a glitch. Also, you can hear what sounds like another electric siren (uses speakers), which I'm unaware of any others near here, but there's always that chance there's one hiding nearby (listen at the end of Alert). The echoes can't possibly take that long to travel, which is why I think there's another one! You can clearly hear the SRN a few hundred feet away. Voice started at about 11:01, and there was a few minute gap between Voice and Alert, which I'm not sure what that's about, and there was a way shorter time between Alert and Attack, again I'm unaware why (I didn't edit any time between Alert and Attack, it was that short!). After this we went home, and I didn't even come close to trying to get another test today, because I wasn't in the mood for racing to Lake county. Anyway, enjoy! Camera: Canon VIXIA HF R700 Location: La Porte County Fairgrounds Frequency: 151.400 Testing Schedule: First Saturday of Every Month at 11:00 AM Testing Today: Voice Started Around 11:01 AM