Executive Interview - Tourism Holdings

Published on Sept. 17, 2015
Channel: Edison
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

Tourism Holdings (THL) has been listed on NZX since 1986. It is the largest motorhome rental operator in the world, with a fleet of ~3,700 motorhomes designed to meet the needs of the free independent traveller (FIT) market. In this interview, CEO Grant Webster discusses the impact on demand from a weaker NZ$, the rationale behind the acquisition of a UK-based business and the results of a recent strategic review. THL has undertaken a classic industry consolidation by buying two key competitors, right-sizing the fleet and reducing operating costs. It is now on track to achieve an acceptable ROCE of 14% by FY16, which will enable it to shift its focus from recovery to growth mode. Future growth initiatives include increasing the level of engagement with the customer.