How To Create An Optimized Meme For Facebook

Published on Nov. 23, 2012
Channel: Matt J.
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube In this tutorial video, I'm going to personally walk you through on how to create a single picture meme with a black background and white text. This completed meme will be perfectly optimized for the facebook news feed, and none of the image will be cropped out, giving your post more natural exposure. Have you ever come across a meme on facebook and part of the image is missing, and you have to annoyingly click the picture to see it in its complete form? Worse, you won't even open the picture, and ignore it completely! Well, I'll show you how to get around that, and make sure you get as many people engaging and liking, sharing or commenting on your meme as possible -- giving it maximum virally! For the complete guide accompanying this video, please follow this link: