Resin Craft Guide: Waterproof Paper For Resin Crafting?!

Published on April 12, 2015
Category: Education
Source: Youtube (Letter 8½”x11” 50 sheets 10mil) Ink jet and laser printer compatible This weatherproof paper is waterproof and made out of thin plastic. It has a matte texture on both side to allow the ink to stick to the paper. This matte texture is a problem when embedding in resin since it creates hundreds of micro air bubbles that you cannot pop. So, to avoid this problem, you must coat the paper with a shiny sealant/glaze, to get rid of that matte texture before putting it in resin. Any sealants will work such as mod podge, acrylic spray, clay glaze, floor varnish, etc. I find the acrylic spray to be the easiest and the quickest way to take care of this. Usually one coat will do. Etsy: Etsy shop FB page: Resin craft supply shop: CD's FB page: Second channel: Instagram: Twtitter: Tumblr: FAQS: 1. What camera do you use? Olympus E-PL2 2. What kind of resin do you use? 2 part epoxy resin. I use both 1:1 and2 :1 ration resins. I get my resin from a local supplier so there is no brand. 3. What editor do you use? imovie 4. How old are you? Old enough 5. Where do you get your kawaii stickers? EVERYWHERE. Etsy, ebay, local shops, etc. 6. Where do you get your resin molds? Again, everywhere. Etsy, ebay, craft stores. I also make my own molds. I also sell some on my shop. 7. Where do you get your supplies? I generally shop on Etsy, Ebay, and amazon for a lot of things I use for my crafting. I also shop at my local craft stores. But, I always do my research to look for the best deals.