Social Security Attorney - Disability Case Reno, Nv- Supplemental Income Nevada

Published on March 8, 2010
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Call 1-800-667-5734 or visit; its an easy way to have your supplemental security income claim reviewed by a social security lawyer. What are the steps in typical SSD /SSI cases? Well of course you begin with an initial application. Once youve filed your initial application with Social Security then the file is put together by the local Social Security Disability office and then it is sent to the state agency where they are the ones who actually make the decision on whether you are disabled or not. At times they may send you out to a Doctor or they may not. But they ultimately will make a decision, the initial decision. If its positive then basically you proceed to the various steps to get your Disability Benefits and your Medicaid or Medicare. If there is a denial you then must file an appeal called reconsideration and then it is sent back to the state agency where another decision is made. Frequently the second level or the reconsideration results in a denial statistically the fewest cases are approved at that level. If you are denied at the reconsideration appeal level then the next step is to appeal and have a hearing with a Social Security Disability Judge. If you are denied, you can keep appealing. You can go to the appeals council. If youre denied there you can go into Federal Court. If your denied in the Federal District Court you can even appeal up to the United Stated Supreme Court. And maybe once ever year or two there is actually a Social Security Disability case that gets up there. I hate to even think about how much work that would be and I hope none of you have to go up the U.S. Supreme Court. A Social Security Disability ( SSD ) lawyer represents disabled persons on a no fee if no recovery basis. Obtaining Nevada social security disability benefits is a right you have if you are a citizen and you qualify to be disabled under the social security laws.