Structure Of A Mule - Differences Between Mules And Horses | Steve Edwards

Published on Dec. 17, 2015

To learn more about Steve Edwards, how to properly train your mule including building a foundation and communication (which is everything when working with these amazing animals) visit Steve's website - You love mules so you understand the difference between the mule and the horse. Most people don't. Understanding the fundamental differences in the structure of a mule and the structure of the horse is essential to using the right saddle pad, saddle, tack along with health and medical care. In this short video with Steve Edwards from Queen Valley Mule Ranch, you'll learn very basic regarding skeletal structure of a mule and you can share this video with any of your friends who you know need to understand these differences between mule and horse. Be sure to check out Steve's instructional videos which have helped hundreds of mule owners just like you!