The Mandela Effect Is A Trigger For The Wanderers Bringers Of Love Light

Published on June 24, 2017

Have you lived a life of alienation, never quite fitting in. Never really understanding the greed, violence and hate that saturates this planet? Now you've begun to notice these Mandela effect or quantum effect changes. Not to worry, it's not CERN or Dwave as many would like you to think. It's a good news wake up call. It's time to go to work and spread the love light like never before. Raise the planetary vibration and Lift the Veil of this illusion we're living in. This simulation or matrix reality can be overcome with love. Love is the key to ascension, the force that will move the entire world and reality out of the 3rd density into the 4th density where we will no longer be treated like cattle but live in true harmony without the distortions of this current reality. The Law of One The Mayan Nine Waves of Creation - Quantum Physics and Holographic Evolution Wave and biorhythm calculators: Wanderers to help with 3rd to 4th density harvest, are you one?