Tropical Storm Gabrielle Heading For Nova Scotia On Friday September 13, 2013

Published on Sept. 12, 2013
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

Tropical Storm Gabrielle is heading towards Nova Scotia on Friday September 13, 2013 and it will bring up to 40+ mm of rain and Especially in Halifax Nova Scotia and the Tropical Storm Gabrielle is heading Northward towards Nova Scotia and it will lose Tropical Characteristics before hitting nova scotia and People in Nova Scotia Be Prepared have your Rubber Boots and your Rain Coats and your Rain Suits Ready and the Waves will be Very Big at the Shores of Nova Scotia and Stay Away from the Beaches during the Post Tropical Storm and Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food and Have your Extra Batteries, Candles, Crank Up Radio and Flashlights Ready and have your iPads Charged, iPhones Charged, iPods Charged and Tablets and Cell Phones Charged and have your 3G and 4G internet Ready and the Waves will be very big along the Coast of Nova Scotia Especially in Peggys Cove and Eastern Passage and Watch for Puddles when you are driving your Car and Don't Step in the Puddles or you get wet Stay Dry and Wear your Rain Gear during the Heavy Rain in Halifax on Friday.