World Of Warcraft Quest Info: Rescue Oox-17/Tn

Published on Oct. 7, 2017
Channel: Anti-Gravity
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Side: Both Start: Homing Robot OOX-17/TN End: Oglethorpe Obnoticus Description The gnome's voice crackles once again from the robot: "I need to move OOX-17/TN to an open, safe place so it can begin a lengthy take-off procedure. It has built-in cloaking, but I need time on my end to make it operational again. I need you to escort the robot from its current location to, let's say, near the Caverns of Time! That should be a perfect place, and long enough, to get things on line!" "Escort it safely and then come talk to me in Booty Bay! Oglethorpe Obnoticus - out!" Escort OOX-17/TN to safety, then report to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay. Gains: 15,560 experience 350 reputation with Booty Bay -350 reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers /*** All other languages ***/ DE: ES: FR: IT: PT: RU: KR: CN: