Yoga Poem For Breaking, Changing, Rebuilding Habits

Published on Feb. 3, 2016
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

[yoga poem = a short and potent sequence that reflects a certain mood or state of mind] From down dog, step into a lunge. Take your hands behind your back. Show your front foot what it means to support your weight and balance. Press into that foot to lift up. This takes strength, awareness, conscious effort. Keep your low belly lifting off your thighs. Now: press into your back foot to lift your back knee. Whoa. Notice the urges: to lean, to sink, to round. Stay tall. Stay lifted. Stay as long as you can, teaching your body the habit of being upright. Switch and repeat on the other side. Repeat repeat, as many times as necessary. Watch your hips, your legs, your habits change. ----- Learn how to do more (yoga, meditation, self-care) with less (stress, panic, procrastination): Facebook: Instagram: